‘Fitbit Power’ Power & Fitness Near Me App is now available for Samsung Galaxy Fit & Fitness users

With a recent update, Samsung Galaxy Fitness Near me app is now accessible to Samsung Galaxy fitness users.

Users can now navigate to the “Personalized Fitness Activity” section, select their activity and then tap “Power & Fitness.”

Users can also tap on “Fitness Near Me” to view fitness activity information on the Fitbit device, as well as a list of nearby fitness facilities and stations.

Samsung Fitness NearMe also provides users with a “fitbit style” badge that is available on the “fitness” section of the app. 

According to Samsung, this is the first time Fitbit Power & Fit will be made available for use on the Galaxy Fitness near me app.

It’s a small change that Samsung says “will improve the usability and efficiency of the Fitbits” and will help Samsung meet the increasing demand for fitness activity data and activities.

The Fitbit app will also include features such as location tracking, sleep tracking, activity data, activity reminders, sleep quality, heart rate, and more.