Why the Fitbit Surge costs $399

Posted November 05, 2018 03:30:30A new Fitbit fitness tracker that starts at $399 could come as a surprise to some, but it won’t disappoint. 

It features the same sensor and fitness technology as the Surge, but has some unique features that make it more affordable and more comfortable to wear.

A few years ago, Fitbit started rolling out the FitBit Surge, a $300 fitness tracker aimed at younger buyers that was supposed to replace the Surge as the first and best way to track activity.

However, Fitbits Surge went out of production in early 2018.

A new version of the Fitbint, the $399 Fitbit Flex, will be released on November 15, 2018, with a $350 price tag. 

The Flex is a much smaller model, but the design has remained similar to the Surge.

The Flex has a 3-inch screen, and it is made of stainless steel instead of titanium. 

“You can see that it’s got a different design and it’s not as shiny, but I think it’s a good value,” Fitbit CEO John Chen told reporters at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco on Monday.

“It’s a smaller model that’s also a better fit for younger people.”

The Flex also has a larger battery, which could help make it less expensive for older people who might be tempted by a larger device.

“If you want to be a fitness fan, then this is the Fitfit that you want,” Chen said.

“This is a device that will be useful to you and it will be great for you to wear to work.”

The Fitbit Fit is the company first device to include an activity tracker, but not the first fitness tracker to be made by Fitbit.

Last year, the company launched the Fit for Work, a Fitbit Workout, which is a $200 device with a 3.8-inch display that can track your workouts. 

Other fitness trackers, including the $499 Fitbit Charge HR, which comes in a black and white color, also feature a touchscreen.