You Can Fit Your Planet Fitness Fitness Fitness Definition To Fit Any Body Part

If you are a fitness fan and have been following the Fitbit Blaze and the FitBits new Fitbit Flex series, then you may have noticed that the app has a new fitness definition feature. 

This new feature allows you to upload a photo to and use that image in the Fitbits app to create a new Fitness Definition. 

In the above image you can see that you can upload a workout that is a combination of the workout that you did last week and a new workout that has been added. 

The new feature is also being introduced in the app and will be enabled automatically for you by default. 

You can also upload a picture to and use it to upload new fitness definitions. 

It will then appear in the Fitness Definition section of the FitBit Dashboard. 

For more information on the new Fitbits Fitness Definition, head over to