How to wear a pair of La Fitness closed-toe sandals

NALA is back in the fitness game.

The New York-based brand has launched a pair called the Power Fit in a bid to address some of the same issues that the fashion company faces in the marketplace.

The new models are meant to be the next step for the brand and give it a bigger foothold in the community.

While the Power is the first in the Power Series, the Power S has been available for a while and has been an instant hit.

This time around, NALO decided to add a few extra features.

In addition to the new heel, the S models now feature a mesh fabric to absorb heat while on the move.

The S models come in black, red, and orange.

Both of these colors feature a metallic mesh finish to help protect the skin from the heat generated by the booties.

The sole is also now covered in mesh, which helps keep the material cool during the summer.

The Power Fit is the only one of the four models in the new Power Series that also has an all-nylon upper.

The other two models, the Elis, are made from an all natural leather.

While NALOA has been expanding its range of high-end shoes for the past several years, the new models reflect a more mainstream stance.

The brand is focused on a more casual look, and the Power fits into that, especially since they are now available in both black and orange, with the shade of brown matching the shade on the shoes.

NALONA says the shoes are designed with comfort in mind.

While some of its previous models had a closed-toed design, this is the third time the company has opted for closed toe sandals in its shoes.

“The NAL-3 is designed with a closed toed design that keeps your foot and toes comfortable and protected, while still allowing you to move your feet freely,” the brand said in a statement.

“These shoes are made for people who like to be comfortable while walking and to take on their favorite activities.

We have designed them with our mission in mind, and you can wear them with confidence.”

The new NALNAC shoe is set to debut later this summer.