What is a Charter Fitness Watch?

As a lifelong fitness fan, I was fascinated by the fact that the Charter Fitness brand was only a few years old.

The brand’s marketing was clear, and it seemed to be an incredibly effective way to reach younger women and men in particular.

With an image of a skinny black woman, the brand had a perfect target demographic: those who might not be into fitness and fitness-related activities.

Charter’s website even had an ad for a fitness monitor that was only meant to be used with a charter member.

So when I saw that Charter was about to launch their fitness watch in 2017, I immediately knew I wanted one.

The watch is actually quite big and has an extremely large screen, but it doesn’t look that big, or bulky.

It feels light and flexible, with a stainless steel case.

It’s actually quite sturdy and feels well-built.

The Charter Fitness watch has a very sleek, classy design.

It has a large round screen and a very slim bezel.

The bezel is placed above the crown, but you can’t see the entire watch.

The case is made from a plastic material and the case is very lightweight.

It can also be detached from the watch and moved around without any hassle.

It measures just under a foot long, and the watch is made with a very simple design, but that simplicity is what made me excited to pick up one.

What makes the Charter fitness watch so attractive is that it’s a great value.

Charter is selling the watch for just $100, but the cheapest price for a charter membership is $300.

I found Charter’s marketing materials to be very clear, but I also found the watch’s pricing to be misleading.

Charter was actually selling the charter membership for $300, but they only had two different pricing options: one was the $300 membership and the other was the charter watch.

I chose the $150 membership because I thought it would be the most affordable option, and because it’s the most convenient option.

When you buy the charter fitness watch with a Charter membership, you get two additional benefits: 1) You can use it on a computer or a mobile device.

2) The watch comes with a 3-month free trial of the Charter App for your phone, tablet, or computer.

The charter watch has an automatic calendar app so you can check your fitness activities and see how your time stacks up.

Charter does offer the ability to track your progress on their website, and they provide a video on their YouTube channel explaining how to do that.

I did find that some of their promotional videos, such as this one, did not work with my Charter account.

I also didn’t find that they had any videos on their site that would work with other charter memberships, and their website didn’t even have a calendar.

Charter did provide a free month of training on their online training site.

When it comes to tracking your progress, you can use the Charter app on your phone or tablet, but if you’re a charter user, you have to register with Charter in order to access that.

Charter doesn’t allow you to view your activity stats.

You can only view your workout logs, and you have three options to view them: a daily log, a weekly log, and a monthly log.

The Daily Log shows your current workout and your weekly workout, and lets you see how you’re doing versus your previous week’s workout.

The Weekly Log shows how much you’ve gained in the past week, and gives you a weekly fitness score.

The Monthly Log gives you your average fitness score for the previous month, and also shows how you stack up against your friends and your competition.

The three stats are all displayed on the watch, so you know exactly how your fitness is faring.

For instance, the Daily Log lets you know that you’ve lost about 30 pounds over the past month, while the Weekly Log tells you how you’ve increased your weight by 2 pounds.

You’ll also get a notification when you reach your fitness goal, so that you can easily adjust your workout routine.

The Watch The Charter fitness monitor on the left is the one I’m reviewing.

The black-and-white color scheme makes it easy to distinguish it from any other fitness tracker on the market.

It doesn’t have any of the other bells and whistles that we’d expect from a fitness tracker, like a GPS, Bluetooth, and even the ability for it to display calories burned.

Instead, it uses a black plastic case that fits in the palm of your hand.

It also comes with an extra-large watch strap, which I found to be pretty sturdy.

Charter also included a 3.5mm headphone jack for charging your phone.

The monitor itself looks great and feels sturdy.

The cable is well-designed, and is secured by a leather strap.

The strap is also removable and you can attach it to the watch with one hand.

Charter even included a quick-release buckle for it.