How to buy a fitness gear set

A fitness gear store in New Zealand may have found a way to bring the cost of your workout down.

The New Zealand Fitness and Wellness Store is now selling its new range of fitness equipment.

In a bid to cut costs, the store is selling a range of new fitness equipment for just $29.99.

“We have seen a huge amount of interest in our fitness equipment,” the store’s CEO Michael Johnston told 7.30.

“[People] are finding that it’s easier to get into and more affordable than buying a gym membership, or going to a gym for the first time.”

The store is hoping that its new gear will help people find a better fit with their gym routine.

Johnston said that the store was currently looking for a couple of new members to help boost the business.

While the store only sells fitness equipment, it hopes to sell fitness accessories and other accessories for fitness shops and fitness centres.

It has already received a few inquiries about the new range.

There is also a range for people who are looking for accessories for their gym equipment.

The store was founded by Johnston after years of trying to find a way for people to get a fit without spending thousands of dollars.

He started his fitness store after a few years of struggling to make ends meet in his own home.

But he has since found success and now has a business that he believes will help him find his footing in the fitness industry.

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