Which NFL team’s star is a fitness fanatic?

xMark Fitness, a fitness app that tracks and records the movements of athletes, is in the midst of a massive rollout, and it has been testing out some new features in its app to help it get the ball rolling.

One of those new features is its fitness tracking feature, which lets users check their fitness in real time.

A recent update for the app let users track their fitness using Google Fit, which has been used by many other sports apps.

Xmark Fitness will now automatically upload your activity and calorie burn data to the Google Fit service for users to track and compare.

If you’ve ever wanted to see your fitness in a different way, you can now use the new feature to see if you’re really fit or not.

You can choose from a range of activities that track your heart rate, your breathing rate, how you’re breathing, how your heart beats, and how your muscles react to certain types of exercise.

When you’re ready to move on, you’ll be able to see which activity matches your fitness goal.

Once you’ve completed that exercise, the app will upload your data to Google Fit for you to see.

The feature is a pretty cool way to help get more people to start exercising and track their physical fitness.

The update also brings the fitness tracking data to Xmark Fitness’s Google Fit app.

You can also see the workout progress in the Google Plus community, and the fitness goal is also updated in the app when you log into the service.