Samsung fitness watch launches on Amazon (AMZN) in 2018

Amazon has a new fitness tracker on its hands, but it won’t be a new device.

The Amazon Echo Show and the Amazon Watch will both support the Echo Show, and the Watch will be coming to the Amazon appstore.

The Echo Show is the latest iteration of the Echo brand, which has a long history of offering fitness tracking.

The smartwatch will come with its own Amazon Alexa platform, and Amazon says it’ll be able to integrate with apps from other devices.

Amazon said that it will ship the Echo Watch in 2018, and that it’ll offer two versions.

One is the more affordable Echo Show Plus, which sells for $179.99.

The other is the $199 Echo Show Sport, which is $299.99 and offers an Alexa voice assistant and a variety of other features.

The Sport is $199.99, and you’ll be asked to choose between a Bluetooth headset, a smartwatch strap, and a smart phone case.

The sport is only available in black.

Amazon’s fitness tracker, the Amazon Echo Watch, will ship in 2018.

The device is a new iteration of Amazon’s Echo brand.

The company announced the Echo TV in April, and it’s a TV that you can use with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The watch also comes with Alexa, which Amazon says can do things like answer your questions and give you alerts.

The Watch will have a built-in microphone, a heart rate monitor, and other features, but Amazon says that you won’t need a Bluetooth device to use the Echo.

The watches will be available in white or gray.

The Apple Watch is one of Amazon ‘s best-selling devices.

It’s also a smart watch that’s easy to set up and uses Alexa.

Amazon has been selling the Apple Watch since November, and its watch faces will include Amazon’s Siri voice assistant.

It also has a speaker built into the device, and when you say Alexa, it can make phone calls and listen to music.

Amazon also has an Amazon Echo speaker, which you can add to your Echo device.

Amazon doesn’t have a watch app for Android, but you can check out a full list of watch apps on its website.

It says that it’s also adding watch faces for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Amazon is also introducing a new watch app in 2018 for the Kindle Fire, the Kindle X, and smartwatches.

It is expected to launch in early 2019.

Amazon already sells the Echo Sport and Echo Watch.

You can see how much each of these devices will cost on Amazon’s Amazon Echo Store.