New Obama fitness gear review: Nike+ 3.0 shoes

New fitness gear is getting a new look as the president and first lady are looking to boost their fitness routine and add more workout equipment to their wardrobe.

The White House Office of Public Engagement and Innovation has announced a slew of new fitness gear products, and they’re not just limited to Nike+ products.

There are new Nike+ shoes, Nike+ workout accessories, Nike Plus fitness trackers and Nike+ trackers.

One of the biggest things the Obama administration is looking to do with these new products is to bring in a new generation of fitness trainers, according to the president.

“We want to get the fitness training community excited about their products, so we’re going to be focusing on bringing more innovative fitness trainers,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told ABC News.

He added that Nike+ has been “one of the most popular brands” among the new workout gear.

It’s not the first time the Obama White House has released new products with a workout focus.

They introduced the new Nike + fitness track and shoes in December, but they were only available in select stores.

That didn’t stop the White House from trying to increase their fitness base.

In April, the administration launched an initiative called “The Workout,” where anyone who wanted to sign up to a fitness class would have to take an online test to become an official Nike+ member.

Obama also created a new fitness category for people who want to take their fitness workouts to the next level.

According to the White’s office, it will be called “Fitness for Everyone.”

“Fitness is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle and this new program will bring more options to help our community get fit and stay healthy,” said McDonow.

And it will come at a price.

Starting in October, the White house will be offering a new premium Nike+ product called the Nike+ Elite, which will include a premium shoe and a premium bracelet.

McDonough also said that the Obama Health and Fitness Initiative is “looking to help people understand that they can get more out of their health and wellness with the right health-focused products,” and that Nike Plus will be a part of that.

But even if these new Nike fitness products don’t exactly fill the gaps in the Obama fitness portfolio, they do have some big-name retailers.

Nike’s CEO of global sales, Brian DePalma, recently said that Nike+, Nike+ and Nike Premium would be among the top three products in the Nike range.