How to beat the fitness craze

Fitbit, the wearable technology company, is offering a new fitness app, Fitbit 2, which will offer a new way for users to track their steps and calories burned.

Fitbit said the app will offer an easy way to track your daily steps and total daily activity, which is the amount of activity you do each day.

The new app will also offer data about how many calories you burn and how much weight you lose, and will have a fitness tracker.

The company is making the new app free, but it will be offered through a paid subscription model, and users can earn a membership.

The free version of the app, which also includes the ability to track calories and calories of the activity itself, will be available starting July 9.

The premium version will be released later this summer.

Fitbits, the makers of the fitness tracker, has been trying to get more people to use its products, but in recent years its software has been struggling to gain traction with the broader fitness community.

But it’s now gaining a foothold among the elite in the United States.

In February, Fitbits announced it had signed a $1 billion deal with fitness tech company Fitbit Labs.

The deal will give Fitbit the exclusive right to use Fitbit’s proprietary technology in new products.

FitBit is also developing its own smartwatches, and last year it unveiled the Fitbit Flex, a wristband that would let users track their workouts.

The Fitbit Fit is the company’s first wearable device, and it was launched on Thursday.

The device comes in a smartwatch shape with a white band that is removable.

It has a battery life of two weeks and can be charged via USB.

It comes with an infrared sensor, accelerometer and a heart rate sensor.

The product is powered by an Intel Atom-based processor, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.