Which fitness bands are in the fitter category?

La Fitness Cancellation has confirmed that the fitness bands Fitbit and Fitbit Flex are in its fitter categories. 

La Fitness Cancelation’s statement comes after the company revealed it had cancelled the Fitbit Fitness Band, which was priced at $129.

The fitness band’s price cut came as a result of the band’s poor performance, and La Fitness said the cancellation had nothing to do with the company’s recent loss of its fitness business. 

Fitbit is now a part of Nike.

La Fitness said it had launched the band to try and attract new users.

The company added that it would continue to sell the band, as well as the other fitness bands in its line, as part of its ongoing efforts to help people find the perfect fit. 

“We know many people are looking for a fitness tracker that can keep them fit, as our fans know they love their Fitbits, but what makes a good Fitbit?

Our new Fitbit fitness band offers a smartwatch-like interface that’s easy to navigate, and it will help you keep fit, while you work out, and in between,” the company said.

“La Fitness is proud to announce our fitter fitness band is now available to the public, and we look forward to adding new models in the future.”

La Fitness has been working with Nike on fitness trackers, as it has for the last two years, and the two companies have worked closely on various fitness tracking features. 

As a result, the Fitbits and Flex Fit bands both have a touchscreen that you can use to track your steps, distance, calories burned, and more.