Nintendo ring fit adventure: New Nintendo Fit Adventure video teaser – Nintendo

Nintendo has released a new video teasing its upcoming Fit Adventure fitness watch.

The new video, titled Fit Adventure (2016) – the title of the game – shows off the watch’s innovative shape and style.

WatchESPN’s Mark Boyle reports that it will sport a “triangle watch” style design.

The watch also sports a round screen, which is curved, while the curved side of the watch has two edges.

It has a circular shape with a round bottom.

The Fit Adventure watch will come with a wide variety of accessories, including a heart rate sensor, a wristband, and a watch face.

It will also come with an optional battery pack and NFC-enabled Bluetooth speakers.

The Nintendo Fit watch will be available on March 16 for $199.99 in the US and March 21 in the UK.

It’s also available in a few other countries including Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea.