How to Get Your Fitness Open Source on GitHub, The Next Big Thing

On the heels of Google’s announcement that it is open sourcing its own version of its Google Fit app, GitHub announced that it will also open source its fitness tracker for use with Android Wear devices.

This means that Google Fit tracking will become the default app for Android Wear-powered devices, and will be compatible with both Google Fit’s official app and the open source app that Google is currently working on.

The release comes with a number of features, including a dedicated workout tracking section, support for Google Fit Fit’s API, and a few customization options.

Google Fit has also announced that the app will be available for free to developers.

The company said that this announcement will make it easier for users to adopt the app and provide more accurate data on their fitness data. 

The open source Fit tracker will be released as an Android Wear companion app in the coming weeks.

Google will continue to support the app on devices that run Google’s Android Wear software, and developers will have the option to incorporate the Fit tracker into their own apps, as long as they adhere to the developer license terms. 

Google is already working on its own Android Wear apps, but GitHub is the latest in a string of companies that are taking the leap to open source the apps.

Other developers have also announced their intentions to open-source their own fitness tracking apps.

The Google Fit Tracker is available now on GitHub.

The GitHub app was announced earlier this week, and Google has also revealed that the fitness tracker will soon be compatible on the Apple Watch.