Apple fitness app: What to know about the new version

The Apple fitness application for Android has gone live for the first time in a week, allowing users to use their Apple Watch and iPhone to track their fitness progress and track their daily steps.

Apple’s new app, called Apple Fit, allows users to track the health of their body, weight, and heart rate and monitor their sleep.

Users can then use their iPhone and Apple Watch to monitor their activity levels and even set goals to achieve.

Apple Fit also lets users track their heart rate, sleep, and calorie consumption.

Users can use the Apple Watch app to track progress on an activity, as well as to view a sleep log, including times spent sleeping and waking.

Users also can track steps and calories burned.

Apple Fit will be available to download for free on October 15, and it can be downloaded for $2.99 per month.

Apple announced its new fitness app earlier this week, and in the new release, the app now also supports Fitbit and Jawbone trackers.

Apple announced a few other fitness apps for Android as well, including Fitbit Flex, which includes a fitness app, fitness tracking, and workout logging.