‘I am healthy because I have no weight’

“It is a very healthy diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables and vegetables.

But the people who don’t have a lot of weight, they can be on it, so I am a lot more fitter than most of them.” 

“It’s hard, because I’m fat, but it’s not like I can’t go out and eat anything,” she says. 

“But I feel I’m not fat, so when I get sick, I think, ‘What am I going to eat?’ and it’s very hard to be able to control it.” 

She is not alone. 

The majority of Americans have a diet that is unhealthy. 

It is estimated that 70% of Americans are obese and 70% are overweight, with obesity causing nearly half of all deaths and a third of all preventable hospitalisations. 

While the exact numbers of Americans that are obese vary from country to country, it is estimated to be in the millions. 

In the US, the number of obese people is more than twice as high as the number who are underweight. 

This is because most Americans don’t know they are obese. 

 “If you’re not fat and you look like me, you’re probably thinking, ‘Well, I have an appetite’,” she says, explaining that if she were to lose weight, she would feel hungry. 

Her diet has changed over the years, but she is still concerned about what she eats. 

At the moment, she has a strict no-exercise rule, and she does not eat a lot in the house. 

She has lost weight on a regular basis, but is concerned that she could be back to her old unhealthy habits.

“It feels like I’m getting back into a normal diet,” she explains. 

“[I’m] just having a lot less weight on my body, so that’s definitely a bit of a concern.” 

The diet “I am not in a place where I feel like I need to make drastic changes to my diet because I feel healthy.

I’m in a good place.

I am very happy and healthy.” 

Her fitness is not as good as she used to be, but this is due to her weight loss. 

Recently, she decided to change her diet. 

We discuss her fitness regime, what she does on a daily basis, and why she has lost so much weight. 

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