How to dress for summer’s hottest weather

By Sarah Rumpel, Associated PressMore than a month into summer, the heat has finally reached the United States.

A combination of cool, dry conditions and heavy humidity has made it feel like summer is here.

But some people aren’t ready to start wearing their summer clothing yet.

Here are some tips to make sure you stay comfortable during the summer.1.

Wash your hands before and after swimming The sun can cause a blister or blistering rash to appear on the palms and soles of your hands if you’re swimming in hot water.

Avoid swimming in the summer months, as that can cause more severe skin rashes.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health recommends washing your hands between swimming and towel drying, especially in hot and humid environments.2.

Wear loose-fitting clothes during the weekBeach sandals, long sleeves, and short-sleeved shirts may not feel warm enough during the heat.

If you wear sandals or long sleeves while swimming, you might be too hot to wear a shirt, said Karen Tatum, a certified personal care therapist and certified personal trainer at Northwood Fitness.

But if you want to be cool, wear short- or medium-sleeve shirts and jeans when swimming or exercising, she said.3.

Wear light clothing during the dayKeep it light: Dress in layers that are not too heavy or revealing, and keep your legs and arms loose.

“You want to keep your body cool so you don’t feel cold,” Tatum said.4.

Wear sunscreen in the winter If you’re planning on going outside during the winter months, avoid sunscreen and wear an eye protector that does not require contact lenses.

Avoid applying sunscreen directly to the skin.5.

Wear sunglasses outdoorsIf you plan on swimming, wear glasses and a mask.

You may need to wear goggles for some outdoor activities.

Wear long sleeves for swimming, or wear a long-sole shirt for outdoor activities, Tatum advised.6.

Don’t wear tight-fitting clothing during cold weatherWhile you can wear a tight-fitted shirt and shorts, the weather is not so hot.

Wear a long, loose-cut, loose panty or jacket that will not drag or trap your body heat.

Wear comfortable shoes.7.

Keep your legs warm and comfortableThe heat will get you wet and cold.

Keep a towel handy, especially if you are wearing shorts, Tumas said.8.

Keep the windows open at nightWhen the sun is low in the sky, the air inside your home is cooler and cooler.

When the air is at its hottest, it will be even hotter inside your house, she added.9.

Don “t wait” to wash your handsAfter swimming, if you find your hands feel numb or if you feel you have a blister on the skin, use your hands to rinse your hands off.

Wash them with cold water and soap and then pat them dry with a towel.

When you get home, rinse your skin with a mild soap and water and use your fingers to wipe off the water from your skin.

Do not use soap or water on your face, neck, or chest.10.

Avoid using sunscreen if the sun isn’t too highIf the sun has reached its maximum intensity in the evening, you can avoid sunscreen if it’s in the shade or you have an umbrella.

If the sun’s not quite at its maximum, you may need sunscreen to keep the temperature down.

“The sun can be a little hotter when it’s out, and you want it to be a lot cooler in the house,” Tumases said.