A new fitness watch to beat Apple Watch 3 review

A new smartwatch from the brand Fitbit is on the horizon, but it doesn’t have the same style as the Apple Watch.

The Fitbit Charge is the latest device from the fitness band’s parent company, which was founded in 2014.

The Charge, which launched on Monday, features a more compact design that sits on a standard watchband.

Its size, width and height can be adjusted to match any watch band.

The charger also comes with a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, barometer and gyroscope.

It also has an additional band accessory that is attached to the device’s strap.

The new Fitbit Watch 3 is the first smartwatch that the Fitbit company has launched, and it comes with an impressive array of features.

The Watch 3 has a heart-rate monitor that can measure your heart rate, a 3D accelerometer that measures the speed of your heartbeat, a barometer that shows the intensity of your exercise and a GPS that can provide you with a map of your location.

The band’s included accessories include a Bluetooth wristband, an NFC-capable heart rate sensor, an accelerometer and a barometric altimeter.

Fitbit’s fitness watch has a wide variety of different accessories that it offers.

The device has a band with a curved base, a watch band with an elastic band, a band that’s attached to a strap and a band for carrying the device.

The Fitbit charge can be used to power the device, as well as recharge it.

Fitbit’s new Fitband is the most expensive smartwatch you can buy, but the company is promising a larger price drop when it goes on sale later this month.