The Power Fit Elite home fitness equipment, $14,495

The PowerFit Elite, a fitness wearable that is expected to hit stores in October, is priced at $14.495.

The device, which features a small, flexible, flexible-breathable mesh pocket on the side, is the latest iteration of PowerFit’s PowerFit Power Fit wearable, which has been around for a couple of years.

The Power Fit is the second product from the company, which also makes the PowerFit Home, Power Fit Plus, PowerFit Pro and Power Fit Mini.

The Powerfit Elite is powered by the company’s proprietary energy tracking sensor, which works with the devices heart rate, and accelerometers.

PowerFit says the device measures the user’s fitness level and heart rate during exercise, and that information is fed into the Power Fit app, which allows users to track and monitor their progress.

The fitness tracker also tracks distance, calories burned and sleep quality.

The Fit Fit Elite also includes a 3D heart rate monitor, which is supposed to give users an extra level of data.

The app also lets users view data on the device’s activity and sleep, and it also has a sleep profile.

According to the company , users can log into the Fit Fit app and see how much time they’ve spent sleeping, how many times they’ve slept, and how much sleep they’ve had.

The company says the Fit Elite has sensors that track all aspects of a person’s physical activity, such as breathing, heart rate and distance traveled.

The data is fed directly into the app, and the company claims that users can track how well they’re doing at different levels of fitness.

According to a PowerFit press release, the Power Fitness Elite features an internal sensor that monitors your heart rate throughout the day, and can measure changes in that rate.

The company claims the data is “highly sensitive” and that it can detect changes in the heart rate as well as other important parameters.

According the company website, the power tracker can track steps, calories burnt, sleep quality and heart rates over time, and also can track temperature, pressure and humidity levels.

The heart rate data is collected by the device and fed into a Fit Fit Fit Plus app that also has an “advanced temperature and humidity sensor,” and a Sleep Tracker app that allows users “to track their sleep quality over time.”

The company also claims that the Fit Power Fit will provide users with a greater amount of data than the previous models.

According a Power Fit website, Fit Power Fitness Fit has been tested in the field and has been proven to work in “the most extreme environments,” including ice, snow, saltwater, cold and humidity.

The product was designed specifically for use in hot climates, according to the site.

The devices Fit Power and Fit Power Plus were first launched in April 2015, but only two models were ever released.

The Fit Power, which includes a power-friendly design and more features than the Powerfit Power, was priced at US$699 and came with a three-year warranty, while the Fit Plus was priced from $799 to US$799.