‘Muv Fitness’ launches new subscription fitness service

The fitness and health subscription company Muv Fitness is launching a new subscription-based fitness subscription service, offering customers a variety of fitness training options including fitness training, cardio and swimming, among others.

Muv will be offering a variety to subscribers in two tiers.

The first tier will offer a wide range of options, including classes for women, men, kids and adults, while the second tier will only offer a few fitness classes for men.

According to the company, this new offering will also be offered through the Muv Fit website, while those interested in purchasing the service will have the option to sign up through their phone or online account.

MvFit also launched a free monthly membership in May.

However, Muv has yet to announce the launch of the new subscription service.

MvFit is offering the Mavic Fit app for iOS and Android, as well as a free Mavica app.