Fit Gear finds new life in the gym

The Fit Gear fitness equipment company has announced it is expanding its range of fitness gear to include the Nintendo ring.

The company says it has now expanded to the fitness equipment market and will sell its Nintendo ring and other accessories through its website.

The product will be available in four color variations: black, red, orange and yellow.

Fit Gear also announced it has sold 2.5 million units of its Nintendo smartwatch and said it will continue to build its business.

FitGear CEO and co-founder Eric Nitschke said in a statement that the expansion of the fitness market into the health and fitness industries is a “critical part of our strategy” for the company.

He said the company will be offering new fitness gear products “in the future, including the Nintendo wearable fitness device, FitGear Fitness Band, and other smart wearable fitness accessories.”