Nintendo and Bandai announce ‘Fit for Life’ 3DS line

Nintendo has announced the latest Nintendo Fit Plus 3DS, the company’s latest fitness device for 3DS.

The new 3DS Fit Plus will include a fitness track, heart rate monitor, and an optical heart rate sensor.

A heart rate gauge will allow you to monitor your heart rate during exercise, and it will also let you set the heart rate to whatever you’d like.

A built-in Wi-Fi and NFC pairing system will let you charge your 3DS via a USB port or a power bank.

Fit Plus is currently priced at ¥6,300 ($79).

Nintendo Fit Plus and the Fit Plus 2 will be available for preorder starting January 25, while the FitPlus 3DS will be sold in March.

The FitPlus 2 has a price tag of ¥7,400 ($149).