How to set up Garmin Fit with the Apple Watch app

We’ve been looking at fitness trackers for a while now, but we never really figured out how to use them in Apple Watch apps.

That’s been changing now, as Garmin has released a new app for Apple Watch called Garmin Fit, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

With Garmin Fit running on iOS 9, you can connect your Apple Watch to the device and start tracking.

That means you can track heart rate and activity, sleep, sleep stages, and more.

You can also share the data with others, including Fitbit and Jawbone, to help them track their workouts better.

Here’s how it works: You can start tracking your workouts with the Fit app from the Home screen, or you can go to Garmin’s Fit Tracker page.

The Garmin Fit app is a simple interface, with a few simple buttons.

On the left is the Activity Bar, which shows you your steps per minute, steps per hour, and heart rate.

On top of that is the Sleep Bar, where you can see your sleep stages.

The top row shows your heart rate, and the bottom row shows the sleep stage of your night.

When you hover your finger over the sleep bar, you get a list of all your sleep profiles.

You click on the sleep profile you want to track, and a few options pop up.

Choose “Sync,” and you’ll see a preview of what that sleep profile looks like.

Here are the options for each sleep profile: Wake : This profile shows your current heart rate at your bedtime.