Which pairs of socks do you wear with your trainers?

Fitbit, the fitness band maker, announced it will start shipping its new Flex Fit Smart and Flex Fit Classic smartwatches on October 1, 2017.

Both smartwars will come with sensors, and while the Flex Fit smartwatch is designed to work with Apple’s iOS and Android apps, it also works with other fitness apps such as Nike’s running software, Runkeeper, Nike+, and the Adidas iRun series.

The Flex Fit is currently available for preorder for $349.99.

The Flex Fit Lite, the Flex Fitness Lite, and Flex Fitness Classic all have similar specs, but it is unclear how much each will cost.

Socks like these are ideal for the Fitbit Flex, which comes with a magnetic wrist strap.

The Fitbit watch features a larger circular face, with three buttons on either side of the watch face.

It has a 3-D barometer, which measures heart rate and calories burned.

The company says the FlexFit is designed for users who are active but don’t want to rely on GPS tracking or other devices to track their steps.

“It’s a smartwatch with sensors that detect and track your movement in real-time, and is able to give you real-world feedback on your fitness levels, activity level, and activity levels with ease,” Fitbit says in a press release.

“The FlexFit can also track your calories burned and distance covered with its heart rate monitor and barometer.

The new smartwares are compatible with the FitBit and the FitPlus running shoes, which both come in either white or black.

They are available in sizes ranging from a 5.7-inch to a 7.9-inch screen.

The Fitbit fitness band is compatible with Nike+ running shoes and Adidas iFit Running shoes, and comes in two color options, grey and white.

The company says it is working with Fitbit on a smartwarrant for both its shoes.

The smartwarp will be available in three different color schemes, including white, grey, and white/grey.

The Nike+ smartwatch features an LCD screen with notifications on the side.

It uses a 3.5-inch display with touch-sensitive buttons for data collection and the watchface.

The watch is compatible for the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch series 3, Apple watchOS 3.0 and all new Apple Watch bands.

The Adidas iFlex running shoes are compatible for Nike+ shoes and Nike+ Smartwatches.

They have a larger display and a bigger battery than the Fitbits and Flex watches, which makes them more suitable for runners with a larger daily activity.

The shoes will be $100 cheaper than Fitbit’s other smartwearing devices, which include the Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Plus, and Nike Plus.