Planet Fitness hires naked fitness and fitness crunch bars worker

Planet Fitness is hiring a naked fitness worker to work as a fitness crunch bar employee.

Planet Fitness announced the hire Wednesday, saying it was making the hire to help with the growing demand for fitness products on the market.

The company said the employee will work for the company as a member of its fitness team and will earn an hourly rate of $16.25.

The Planet Fitness employee is being hired as part of the company’s efforts to help its customers and employees get fit, Planet Fitness said in a statement.

The person is currently in the midst of an internship, Planet said.

Planet said the person is expected to begin working in late October.

The recruitment is part of a broader effort by Planet Fitness to boost its workforce in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.

The healthcare law is expected have a dramatic impact on the fitness industry, with more than 2 million people on disability.

Planet has hired more than 100 employees in the past year, including a former employee who recently joined the company.

It has also hired more fitness staff, including yoga instructors and yoga instructors, to help the company meet its growing fitness needs.

The fitness crunch is one of the more popular exercise routines on Planet Fitness’ website.

The employee will start working at the Planet Fitness office in Austin, Texas, in mid-October, the company said.

“We’re thrilled to welcome our first naked fitness employee to our team and are looking forward to seeing her begin working alongside our other employees as part the Planet fitness team,” Planet Fitness CEO Dan Kowalski said in the statement.

“Planet Fitness has a proud history of providing people with the flexibility to do the things they love most, and we are excited to help Planet Fitness help more people get fit.”